HORIZON International Consultants Company

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Connecting key industry resources:
Bridging companies with reliable resources, and connecting clients with large domestic and overseas companies to integrate technical advantages.

Professional project planning and suggestions:
Analysis on success rate of the project, technology optimization, integration of technology into application scenarios, counsel on startup business.

Industry-academia collaboration:
Industry-academia collaboration and incubator service.

Integrated project-based experience:
Organize content and structure of projects, create detailed project and sub-project plans.

Full participation of the government project:
Implementation on the patent map, patent filing, trademark design and key performance indicator of the government project.

Project based with custom-made service:
Providing integrated service, financial advice, administration service and suggestion.

HORIZON International Law and Intellectual Property Right Office

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  • Law and IP consulting for corporation and individual annually.

  • Seminar and training for corporate IP right.

  • Filing, maintenance and related administrative procedures of domestic and international patent, trademark and copyright.

  • Domestic and international criminal proceeding, civil litigation, non-contentious case and litigation of patent right.

  • Patent, trademark and copyright analysis, Planning, protection, circumvention, infringement and administrative remedy.

  • Technology transfer and investment consulting for IP right.

  • Action to counterfeit and infringement of IP right.

  • Patent, trademark and copyright search, investigation, analysis, planning and consulting.

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